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What can you expect when you do confront a narcissist?Generally, they will resort to narcissistic rage (explosive or passive-aggressive) or denial.They perceive every disagreement as criticism and every critical remark as abject humiliation.Narcissists desire perfection so even the slightest challenge to that self-perception is seen as a threat. They react defensively and become indignant, aggressive and emotionally detached.If that is the outcome you expect, then you will be disappointed.The narcissist’s sense of self has not developed beyond that of a young child and cannot cope with a truth that shows them to be less than perfect.If you are strong enough to cope with this treatment, then go ahead and use the strategies below to confront him (or her).If you are hoping for a permanent, positive change in their behavior, more disappointment or pain is likely on the way. They become enraged because they believe they are perfect and beyond reproach.

If he engages in narcissistic rage – rage back at him.

Unlike alcoholics or other abusers who may eventually “see the light”, a narcissist just does not have the ability to look inside himself and perceive the truth.

Self-reflection is not a tool in the narcissist’s toolbox of skills.

He or she may become enraged, deny everything, call you a liar, twist reality, blame you and then play the victim.

You may be the recipient of rage and aggression or the victim of The Silent Treatment.

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It is also common for him or her to project everything you say about on to you.