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" The website Adland has a pretty extensive archive of Super Bowl commercials, dating back over 40 years.A similar, worldwide version of this is the FIFA World Cup Special: since the FIFA World Cup is the most watched sports event in the entire world, the mid-time ads are where the world's biggest mega-corporations pull out their BFGs.Almost invariably, each year's crop of commercials will be called worse than last year's crop.These days, organizations will sometimes deliberately create commercials that will be rejected, usually for being too sexy, for the publicity generates.

That's the message of the 30-second spot Mini USA will air in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

With the launch of the new Clubman, our brand is growing up, our products are more sophisticated, and its time to reset the conversation.”The ad, the first time Mini has advertised in the Super Bowl since 2011, reflects a tone being struck by some other Big Game advertisers this year in daring people to defy stereotypes and revel in being themselves.

Ad Meter 2016: 'ENVY' Opioid-Induced Constipation (OIC) Longing for a change?

Most will have a funny twist ending intended, as many commercials do, to help you remember the product or service being sold (although sometimes this doesn't always work out).

Many also go sexy (which can cause Distracted by the Sexy to occur on occasion), each year being more titillating than the last...

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Fans eager for a four-hour escape from the new reality aren’t going to find it in Super Bowl LI.

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