Who is raphael saadiq dating 2016

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Who is raphael saadiq dating 2016

Similarly, if you have multiple DStv Exploras in your set-up and they are connected to the internet, you will need to specify the individual decoder when setting remote recordings. Since the launch of Xtra View, we’ve only ever allowed TWO decoders to be linked.

We now allow THREE decoders to be linked in Xtra View under the following conditions: Why is this not being offered on other decoders?

Can I link three decoders in Xtra View if I have taken a Decoder Payment Plan (DPP/Price Lock) that already includes DStv subscriptions and an Access Fee?

Yes, you will need to get one of our accredited installers to install the additional decoders and the additional monthly fee will then be added to your monthly payment.

You can contact us to remove that decoder from your Xtra View set-up.

If you have three decoders linked in Xtra View, the remaining two decoders can stay connected in Xtra View.

Can I manage my three Xtra View connections using your Self Service options? You will need to contact our call centre when setting up the three decoders and also when making any changes to your Xtra View set-up (including connections and disconnections).

The DStv Select 1 and Select 2 packages were discontinued in April 2013.I already have three viewing environments and I only pay ONE Access Fee.At the moment, you have three viewing environments, but only two decoders.If the decoder being taken on holiday is the primary decoder, you will need to change cabling to link the two remaining decoders.What is the importance of the primary and secondary roles in an Xtra View set-up?

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Is the Access Fee payable on the same date as my subscription? Is the Access Fee pro-rated (proportionately calculated) if I take up Xtra View half way through my billing month? What are the allowed Xtra View combinations and requirements? You can contact us to disconnect the faulty decoder.