Will irs be late in updating

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The change is planned to take effect January 1, 2018.

Implications The statements of these senior members of the IRS TE/GE Division provide helpful insight to the tax-exempt organization community on what the IRS has been doing and plans to do in the future.

This is a very bad thing, because even though the legitimate brands, like the tax software providers in this instance, have nothing to do with the threat campaigns, many customers will still blame them.

In general, people tend to directly associate the legitimate brands with the bad things that happen to them via the fraudulent use of their branded terms, seriously eroding trust.” Tax professionals and consumers alike can protect themselves by carefully vetting emails before clicking on links related to tax software or filing one’s taxes, he added.

“This sophisticated scam yet again displays cybercriminals’ tax savvy and underscores the need for tax professionals to take strong security measures to protect their clients and protect their business,” the IRS said, in an alert.

“Frankly, it’s not surprising,” said Mike Wyatt, threat researcher at digital threat management firm Risk IQ, via email.

For example, we saw a huge increase in phishing and fake mobile apps during Black Friday and during the Pokemon Go craze.” This latest scam variation hinges on emails that come with subject lines that read, “Software Support Update” or “Important Software System Upgrade.” The emails thank recipients for continuing to trust the software provider to serve their tax preparation needs and mimics the software providers’ email templates. The messages inform recipients that due to a recent software upgrade, the preparer must revalidate their login credentials.

It provides a link to a fictitious website that mirrors the software provider’s actual login page.

Von Lienen made the comments at a June 21 AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Conference in Maryland, as reported by Tax Analysts (2017 TNT 120-6).The changes address concerns raised by the National Taxpayer Advocate and external stakeholders.Von Lienen said that Form 1023-EZ will ask filers about their assets and income, as well as if they are a church, school or hospital — questions which are already on the Form 1023-EZ eligibility checklist.Hooke noted that the IRS already rejects and returns inaccurate and incomplete information returns that are filed electronically, but it has worked with paper filers to correct the mistakes on their returns.However, the IRS plans to begin rejecting and returning faulty paper-filed returns, requiring filers to correct and resubmit the forms before the due date to avoid late filing penalties.

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