Christian dating divorced singles

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If my profile had been anywhere near honest, it would have read, “I’m an emotional eater with self-righteous tendencies who has never even owned a proper pair of running shoes and has frequent sex dreams about my eighth grade math teacher.”Patrick texted me the next day, begging me to allow him to explain why he did what he did.

I thought about ignoring him, but decided to meet him in spite of the advice of my therapist, who told me to stay away.

I didn’t know what was true and what wasn’t, but I listened.I figured this was the most authentic act of faith: to listen and forgive.We met at a nicer restaurant across the street from the Mc Donald’s.I pictured them sitting together at a desk, poring over social science proofs and speaking secret words to each other.“It’s been a year,” he said, and steered me with his hand to a bench, brushing away dead leaves.That’s when I noticed a small, plastic ring he was wearing on his pinky finger, on an otherwise ringless left hand.“Oh, that.” He played with the ring, turning it on his finger.

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On our first date, Patrick suggested we take a Sunday afternoon walk on the Highline after our respective church services.