Oblivion goranga dating dating an independent woman

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Oblivion goranga dating

The malodor of your rotting bodies in the sun will sweep like a clearing wind over the burning cities of Cyrodiil.I swear that any rememberance of you will be extinguished from the face of this world.The main quest of this plugin is a companion mod which is laid out to 240 ingame days. Then I will get to the breakthrough with my experiments to ban the curse.

It contains new dungeons, cities and lots of new armors, weapons and so on.The headsman without mercy, who will chop your heads of! Romancing Ahnassi v .99Hello and yes, Ahnassi has moved to Cyrodil and is alone and looking for friends.A: Sorry, its tough I know, just know that it isn't really any better in the second option, mostly for RP purposes.(Copied question from post)Q: "Question, how will we be able to change her armor, or will she have her own way of changing it? when she is home (not following you) simply ask her to change her clothing.She will go upstairs and await your signal to switch with whats in the dresser (in case you forgot to put things in there) Then she will switch all of her inventory with whatever in the chest, with the exclusion of a few choice and precious items to her. A: Well, generally she will put on what is in her inventory if you wait a while. But thats because I have been messing aroudn with retextures.

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And this day, I swear, the kingdom of the ayleids shall rise again, more powerful than ever before.

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